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What makes our self-funded program so affordable?

It all has to do with how your health plan dollars are spent. Every cent paid into traditional fully insured plans goes straight to the health insurance carrier. You don’t see how each dollar is spent. With our program, your money splits three ways – covering your plan administration costs, your stop-loss insurance, and your claims funding.

You could pay less for the same high quality of care you’d get from big-name providers. And, because this is a self-funded plan, you have the potential to get back a portion of your claims funding any year claims are lower than expected. Why should you pay for health care that isn’t actually used?

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Our plan made simple

Admin fees

Part of your monthly payment goes towards your plan administration. Your administrator will make sure your employees have all the information and support they need. They’ll also handle all of your claims

Claims account

This is the portion of your monthly payment that will be used to pay claims for your coverage period.

Stop loss

Think of this as a ceiling on what you will pay for your employees’ covered health claims – you’ll never have to find extra funds even if claims exceed what is budgeted.

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Pick your level of coverage — we’ll do the rest

Yes, it really is that straightforward. Work out who you need to cover and we’ll take care of everything else. We’re a one-stop shop for all small businesses whether yours has as few as two employees, or as many as three hundred.

Let us help you choose your plan

Flexible features you may not expect from a self-funded program

Our self-funded health benefits plan lets you decide which combination of flexible features works best for your business. Available features include:

  • Flexible deductible options
  • Coinsurance from 50% to 100%
  • Dedicated account manager
  • First-dollar coverage for preventive care
  • Access to national PPO networks
  • Excellent member services
  • Prescription, urgent-care and emergency room copay options
  • Teladoc®: A valuable telehealth service that can save you money
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We’re with you 100%

Choose our self-funded program, and you’ll have an expert on hand to help you tailor your plan. Once it’s all up and running, a dedicated account manager will guide and advise you whenever you need our help. Your employees will be well supported, too: we offer superior member services for everyone covered by your plan.

One monthly payment — no hidden costs

You’ll know your monthly payment amount from the get-go. It’s guaranteed not to increase for a year — just as long as there are no changes to who’s covered and how your plan is managed or operates. With National General, your self-funded plan comes ready with each component in place. Claims payments, customer service and reporting are all taken care of. All you need to do is focus on making a success of your business.

Focus on employee wellness

Focusing on wellness can help keep your employees healthy and prevent more serious health problems down the road. We believe it’s important to make preventive care easy and affordable for your members. Whenever your employees use in-network providers for preventive services as required by the Affordable Care Act, they can be sure that these are paid for at 100%.

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